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Home value sites can help you determine the value of your home.  Why should you know the value of your home?  Well there are a few reasons.  It really depends on what your plans are. 

If you plan on selling your home then you must know the value of your home before setting the listing price.  Most people can’t sell their home because the price is too high.  Home value sites help you determine the value of your home or at least a close estimate.  Once you know the value you should price your home one percent less.  The reason you need to do this is because it will bring in more buyers.  The more buyers you have looking at your home the more likely you will be able to sell your home.  And you might get more than one buyer and therefor have a bidding war.

If you are buying a home then you should use the home value sites to get an estimated value of the home you want to buy.  If you know the value then you can bid about five percent less.  Then if the seller counter bids you are more likely to be slightly less than than the actual value of the home.

Most of the home value sites are free.  The one I like best is HomeGain.  It only takes a few seconds to get an estimate.  Also, they have a tool that helps you find an experienced agent.  The real estate agents bid for your business.  This means that they will lower their commission to get your business.  If you just save one percent in commission that can be a few thousand dollars.

Save money by using home value sites today.

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